The Launch of ‘Dubai Model for Government Services’

The local government and the Executive Council of Dubai have launched the ‘Dubai Model for Government Services’ with the aim of boosting efficiency levels in government services and enhance customer satisfaction.

The initiative was launched by Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council. Shaikh Hamdan stressed the importance of the model for progress in all sectors “it will contribute to improving the efficiency of public services through the optimum use of resources and focus more on customers who are at the core of government work.”
The initiative reflects the pioneering approach adopted by the government to improve public services, he added.

It is an integrated system and includes a hybrid of local and international expertise. Considered the first of its kind worldwide, the initiative will provide accurate data on improvements made to public services, which will eventually, facilitate inter-governmental benchmarking. It will also improve the government’s performance across different sectors.

The Dubai Model for Government Service Delivery (DMGSD) comprises three integrated components: the service delivery framework, five documented field applications specific to the government’s strategic sectors and a suite of tools to help improve efficiency and customer centricity of services.

The model was presented to the European Centre for Best Practice Management and a panel of experts for validation. “The Dubai Delivery Model in Government Services is a timely initiative that will help boost the existing initiatives but more importantly it will help create better focus on value, waste and cost reduction and bring the government close to citizens and the business community and will therefore help boost economic activity and build closeness and trust between the government, satisfied citizens and thriving communities” Professor Zairi

The DMGSD has the following unique features:

  1. It is a based on novelty for service delivery specifically related to the government sector and is built around the Dubai context as a unique model for service provision.
  2. It is based on strong wider inclusion and active participation and has been designed through extensive consultation of providers at the sharp end and by involving experts in the various government departments.
  3. It is inspired by strong credibility using panels of gurus and international experts in service quality, service models” evaluation, service measurement and service design.
  4. It is driven by verification and validation at all the stages of implementation in order to ensure that the fitness for purpose is checked and the desired outcomes can be expected.
  5. The standards in the model are developed with practicality in mind so as to allow ease of implementation and integration in all government departments.
  6. The initiative is designed in such a way so as to allow future continuity of the scheme through constant innovation and a cycle of review, optimisation, improvement and gap closure.

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