The European Centre for Best Practice Management (previously ECTQM) is the oldest and most respected centre of its kind in Europe and one of the most successful in the world. We have supported the quality movement all over the world and have impacted very significantly in all sectors of the economy. ECBPM offers a mix of strategic and operational support to a wide range of organisations across all industry sectors.We have helped launch several initiatives in different parts of the World. The projects we have been involved with include:

  • Senior Advisor to The Government of Abu Dhabi- ECBPM was requested to undertake the task of acting as an external mentor, facilitator and advisor for the Abu Dhabi Award for Excellence in Government Performance (ADAEP) to promote the understand of the requirements for excellence in government and competitiveness for improvement throughout the government service and sharing of information, knowledge of successful improvement strategies.
  • Advisor to Dubai Government Excellence Program - To assist the Executive Office in implementing the Dubai Government Excellence Programme to promote excellence across the public sector in Dubai.
  • El-Baz Award - To create and sustain excellence by instilling the belief that CSR at all levels has a positive impact on the sustained competitiveness and by building a structure from which value can be derived. Also to honour Dr Farouk El-Baz by recognising his unique and significant contributions.
  • The Dubai Model for Government Service Delivery (DMGSD) was presented to the European Centre for Best Practice Management to develop and deliver a suite of tools to help improve efficiency and customer centricity of services.
  • The Kano Medal – To encourage quality professionals in different parts of the world to continue facilitating quality and excellence concepts in their organisations.
  • The Excellence Forum – To drive quality into the public services of Abu Dhabi by sharing Best Practices

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