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Saudi Electric Company - The 15th Annual Total Quality Management Conference

The conference theme was “Towards....Organisational Excellence” and was attended by 500-600 participants from inside and outside the SEC. The audience included senior executives, managers and engineers from SEC as well as TQM professionals from various business sectors outside of...


Dinner talk for the Jordan Society for Quality

The Minister of Public Sector Development, Dr Khalif Khawaldeh launched the Jordan Society for Quality (JSQ) awareness campaign under the slogan “excellence and creativity to explore success in the future” for the dissemination of the latest developments, concepts and activities...


One day seminar: 1st SQC International Forum on Business Excellence

Saudi Quality Council (SQC) is a non profit organisation / Council supported by more than 50 companies, government organisations and educational institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia SQCs mission is to advance individual and organisational performance excellence by providing opportunities...


ECBPM MoU Signing ceremony with SAQC

Professor Mohamed Zairi on behalf of European Centre Best Practice Management (ECBPM) signed an MoU with Saudi Quality Council (SQC) at Al-Medina Meeting Hall, Hilton Hotel – Jeddah on Monday, 23rd April 2012.


The European Centre for Total Quality Management, the oldest and most respected centre of its kind in Europe and one of the most successful in the world has moved forward and rebranded as The European Centre for Best Practice Management under the continuing leadership of Professor Mohamed Zairi.

ECBPM – refuelled, replenished and rejuvenated by the extension of the Juran Chair will continue to build upon the proud heritage of ECTQM with a mission to be the pioneering and preferred centre for supporting industry at large with education, training and advisory work in all aspects of organisational excellence, with the purpose of supporting organisations both in the public and private sectors with their quest for progress and advancement.

Wilbur Wright in 1903 recognised that it is possible to fly without motors but not without knowledge and skill. The knowledge and skills accumulated by ECTQM will be taken forward by ECBPM. Existing relationships will be reinforced, existing capabilities will strengthen, leveraging opportunities will be widened and ECBPM will strive for bigger heights.

Dr. Armand Feigenbaum, the last of the first generation of early gurus of quality ranking alongside Dr. Joseph Juran and Dr. W Edwards Demings sends his best wishes.


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