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Inspirational Leadership: Driving Excellence in UWS

Dr Charles Sorensen, Chancellor of the University of Winsconsin-Stout has led the University for over twenty years. Dr Sorensen is only the sixth person in history to head the 113-year old University and to receive the world’s highest honour for performance excellence and quality achievement.

The University of Wisconsin Stout is the first university to receive the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and provides a national leadership role for other higher education institutions across the world.

Dr Sorensen shares his thoughts on inspirational leadership. According to Charles Sorensen there are five major characteristics that make a good leader:

  • A leader must be able to communicate clearly
  • A leader must be able to look beyond him or herself
  • A leader must practice inclusive decision making
  • A leader must have core values
  • A leader must be comfortable with taking risks

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