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Saudi Electric Company – The 15th Annual Total Quality Management Conference

The conference theme was “Towards….Organisational Excellence” and was attended by 500-600 participants from inside and outside the SEC. The audience included senior executives, managers and engineers from SEC as well as TQM professionals from various business sectors outside of the SEC.

Date : 14th and 15th February 20122

Event: Electric Company – The 15th Annual Total Quality Management Conference

Venue: Al-Faisaliah Hotel, Riyadh City

Professor Mohamed Zairi was a key note speaker in TQM and Organisational Excellence. The theme of the session was: “From Quality Trilogy to Excellence Tetralogy: The New Approach to Organisational Competitiveness.”
Abstract: Dr Juran’s philosophy (Trilogy) has served the global business community extremely well for over 40 years. We have witnessed a significant improvement in the quality of products and services and a determined effort to put the customer first and drive organisational excellence through innovation and best practice thinking. There are however different sets of challenges in the 21st century mainly caused by the diffusion of new technology in the form of internet based approaches such as e-commerce and e-government. Excellence Tetralogy is presented as an extension of Juran’s work and as a pioneering approach to drive quality and excellence in the context of internet based work settings.
SEC have a vision: To help and improve the standards of living and enhance the economic competitiveness of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all domains.

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